If you thought last December’s 2015 House of Walker was a big deal, Johnnie Walker Black is blowing it out of the water with its biggest event this year, The Blacklist: The New Shade of Black,

which is taking over Sathorn on 19 September 2015 from 7pm.


The event will be held in Sathorn’s coolest new venue, The House on Sathorn, as well as Kudeta and the front of Sathorn Square for a night of Johnnie Walker Black Label cocktails created by the city’s best mixologists and bites prepared by Bangkok’s top chefs.

Guests will get the chance to schmooze with Thailand’s most inspirational new generation of influencers, including Kit Kanachai & Petch Bunyapha Bencharongkul, who will curate an art and photography exhibition together for the first time.


The evening also includes exclusive fashion collections from some of the city’s hottest new design talent, VON Sugunnasil of VVON, Pitt Kachai of 612sixtwelve and Ekbutr Udomphol of The Only Son.

Of course, Saturday night needs a hot soundtrack, which will be provided by DJ Suharit Siamwala, indie group Yellow Fang and a collaboration between Burin Boonwisut x Getsunova.


Joy rules the world. It thwarts boring, kills our taste for the ordinary and pushes us to go further. The time has come to use our joy to flip the formula of success on its head.


Establish understanding on “Joy will take you further – Keep walking” in order to fully inspire people


Differentiate the brand both content and execution to reinforce Johnnie Walker as an iconic brand



After "The Blacklist" event we launch the support campaign called "The Way I Walk" to inspire and help consumers to discover their joy through inspiring content from 5 of powerful influences. By Promote this campaign we use a social media to drive people and let people participate the event.


"The Way I Walk" the forum event with the concept of "Bar talk" because you will feel relax and be able to absorb the interesting, inspiring, and motivating things from this atmosphere and that's a propose of this campaign-to inspiring people to walk in the way they love.

Trigger phase

To provoke consumers to think/reconsider what they really enjoy doing, We created social experiment through social media by using video format and at the end inviting them to join the inspiring forum.

BarTALK was an event we created for Johnnie Walker Black Label, in line with the global concept of 'The Way I Walk'. It was much like TEDtalk, but with a glass of premium whiskey in hand.


The purpose of the event was to help guide young adults who were uncertain about their future. At the event, they heard firsthand from cultural influencers from a different line of work, from event organiser to conductor to celebrated chef to famous singer to graffiti artist.


The positive feedback was overwhelming. Once again, position the classic premium brand into the heart of young people.


While we were launching the tricker phase we also promoted the forum that will happen after the phase. To inspire and help consumers to discover their joy through inspiring content from 5 powerful influences. We used their inspiration quote to drive people in to the event plus created talking points under the post comment as well.



Amplify phase

After the event we did amplify phase to spread out the inspiration of Joy will take you further to mass consumers through digital channel.