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Our goal is to attract funds and support for The Arc’s Arts program.

The Arc San Francisco is a non-profit organization that advocates for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They provide support services in employment, healthcare, and housing advocacy. One of their key areas is recreation in the arts. The Arc’s Arts program helps artists with disabilities to maximize self-determination and community inclusion both from work and social perspectives. Currently, the program lacks awareness and funding.



The Mural is a 20-minute documentary film following the stories of several artists with developmental disabilities from non-profit as they work together with a group of civic artists from to paint a wall that aims to erase barriers. The film explores the unlimited nature of Art and its capacity to express freedom, even for those individuals whose lives seem to be confined to the boundaries of their disabilities.

This website revolves around an interactive version of the documentary through which the viewer can support The Arc SF by purchasing the artwork showcased as part of the movie.

Every tweet reveals artwork created by the artists featured in the film and generates donations for The Arc SF.

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