paul's hat works




Paul’s Hat Works is the custom hat store on Geary Street, SF. The mission is to increase overall brand awareness of Paul’s Hat Works, focusing strongly on their new

‘Newsie Cap’, which will be released in July 2013 as a limited edition.

We aim to inspire fashion-forward individuals who use style or fashion to express themselves and are involved in various style subcultures. These individuals are active on social media and use their devices to discover music and explore new trends.

Packaging : We created a landscape illustration to apply to the tube package for the Paul’s Newsie cap. The illustraion focuses on projecting the story of the newsboy and people from vintage eras who lived around the San Francisco bay area. The image will be printed on brown chipboard paper to add to the vintage style of the campaign.

In-store display : We created cutout illustrations to tell a story about the Newsie and how it has moved from generation and social groups, becoming everyone’s favorite cap. Some cutouts will live in store windows and other will blend in to environment inside the store.

Sweepstakes : We created an interactive website to offer the audiences a chance to try the Newsie cap online, and share a picture of themselves wearing the Newsie cap on social networks. Every sharde photo will automatically include the hashtag “#getyournewsie”. Paul’s giveaway will select two participants to give Newsie’s to each month, for three months.