The Campaign

Botan is a brand that has been around the block. Weathered the storm. Seen trends come. And go. And along the way, learned a few things or two. Learned that nothing replaces passion. No fame. Not fortune. If you love something, do it. Do it differently. Do it well. That is Botan. Some have called them, 'Vintage Herbster'. Botan has been passionate about Asian herbs for the last 80 years. Because they believe the healing and soothing power of herbs is like no other. They understand it is not for everyone. And they don't intend to please everyone, Because by pleasing everyone, Sometime they end up pleasing no one at all. Especially themself.

The idea of the campaign came from the product slogan — Freshening throat like no other. So we created the campaign by having the long form video to be the lead of campaign to remind people about how long this product has been in the market with the greatest benefits.

It was an honor to work on an important brand for our client. Botan Herbal was the first product of the company that started this amazing success for Osotspa Public Company Limited.

Long form video

Short form video

Fun and contemporary video to uplift and connect Botan Herbal to younger audience. Cameo by Khun Petch Osathanugrah.

Key Visual

Behind the scene