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“ANA SAY YES” is a multimedia campaign to launch application NATIVOX in Spain.

Who is Ana? And why Ana?


Ana Botella, Mayor of Madrid, was the spokesperson for Madrid’s candidacy to the 2020 Olympic games. Her public speech in front of the Olympic committee shook the Spanish media because of the shameful way she spoke in English.


Ms. Botella’s ability to speak the language of Shakespeare is rudimentary, something that applies to the vast majority of those Spaniards that try to learn English. This is the insight of the campaign, which revolves around an edgy petition asking Ana Botella to become Nativox’s new face.



Because Nativox will definitely help Ana speak better English. Her giving well-articulated public speeches will bring hope to the hundreds of thousands of Spaniards that struggle with this language.


“If Nativox has worked for Ana, it has to work for me too.”



The tone of the campaign is ironic, since the petition will be sent to her inside a bottle that reads ‘Ana’

(Ana Botella translates to Ana Bottle in English.)

The message to Ana just left San Francisco bound for Madrid because we live here and we think that is the best way to send a message to Ana by using bottle.



Now begins a journey of over 10,000 kilometers and you can help by pushing the bottle via Twitter. Yes, every Tweet with #anasayyes will push the bottle 5 more kilometers to Spain.


But it is not that easy the bottle must be met with Six obstacles, which are need more Tweet before the bottle reaches to Ana's hands.

0 km.

10,000 km.

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